FoxyFleet Artists

In search of glamour on set or on-the-go? You’ve come to the right place. Introducing my most trusted artists on both coasts, all Foxyfleet approved.

Christopher Miles

Makeup Artist
Los Angeles
  • I always use a cream contour before foundation to create the look of natural bone structure

  • Applying lip balm right before bed will keep lips soft, smooth and hydrated all day

  • One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was 'It's just makeup, if it doesn't work you can take it off and start again'

Niki Metz

Niki Metz

Makeup Artist
Los Angeles
  • My secret to a flawless glow is mixing essential oil into liquid foundation

  • I always have corn starch in my kit. Naturally absorbs oil without making face cakey

  • I apply lipstick with and eyeshadow crease brush to make lips look naturally flushed

Amy Weissenberg

Makeup Artist
Los Angeles
  • I love a little navy blue liner in the lash line. It makes the whites of your eyes look whiter and your eye color pop!

  • A little cream blush in a bright coral or pink on the apples of the cheeks is a great pick me up.

  • I always have Kiehl's lip balm in my purse or pocket.

Melissa C Tolentino

Makeup & Hair
Los Angeles
  • Beauty obsessed since birth

  • I love my Yorkie!

  • My favorite beauty product: tinted lip balm

Alysha Marcantonio

Makeup & Hair Artist
Los Angeles
  • Inspiring other women to love themselves and making my clients feel like their most confident self is what makes me happiest in life, and is why I do what I do!

  • At any given time you can find at least 12 lipsticks at the bottom of my purse.

  • Eyebrows are everything.

Margie Bresciani

Make-up and Hair styling
New York
  • native of Brazil, fluent in Portuguese and Spanish

  • Caught up needing a make-up fix without your make-up bag? You can double a red, pink or coral lipstick as creme blush but tapping a little bit of it on the apples of the cheecks using your fingers and blending well

  • if you smudge your eye make-up you can use a little moisturizer or make-up remover on a q-tip to fix mistakes