FoxyFleet Story

IMG_3895Foxyfleet was born in a career-defining moment. I’ve long been known to pull together beauty looks on the fly, and one day on the set of foodCrafters with Aida Mollenkamp, I found myself doing make-up from the hatchback of my Mini Cooper. As Aida sat on the bumper getting blushed, she said,

“Julie, you need a Foxyfleet: an on-the-go artist team that can do hair and make-up on site.”

It immediately clicked! I loved the name so much I started using it as my social media handle, and soon enough, people were asking me if I was Foxyfleet. I knew it was really catching on when I walked into work at the Food Network, and Bobby Flay announced,

“Foxyfleet is in the house!”

To me, Foxyfleet is all about effortless beauty and a flair for adventure. The two go hand-in-hand. With, I’m bringing together my best tips for women of all ages and skin tones, plus my favorite discoveries from my travels around the world.

My approach to beauty is that it should never bog you down. Stick with me for a fun, fresh guide to looking and feeling your best no matter where life takes you.