Makeup Mogul Charlotte Tilbury

If there’s one thing in my makeup bag you could say I’m obsessed with, it’s probably my Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. Or, it’s the Film Star Bronze & Glow. Or—could it be my secret weapon? Charlotte’s “The Retoucher” concealer is like photoshop in a tube and a jet setter’s dream come true for tired eyes. Why choose just one? Clearly since being introduced to these products a little over a year ago by my own celebrity makeup artist Julie Morgan, I’ve become a devoted member of the tribe of Tilbury.

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Splurge vs. Save: When to Spend on Beauty Products

You wouldn’t spend an extra $20 on eyeliner for the pretty packaging, right? Sometimes, you shouldn’t be fooled by the extra bells and whistles that come with specialty and department store prices. More money doesn’t always mean better quality… just sometimes. To figure out where you should shell out and where you should save, we had four beauty experts (who’ve tested just about everything) share their inside secrets for splurging and saving on makeup and skin care.

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Giada: A Digital Weekly – Skin in the Game

Julie Morgan chats with Chris Salgardo, President of Kiehl’s Since 1851 and author of the upcoming style "man"-ual MANMADE.

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Sips and Lips: Wine-Colored Lips (And What To Drink Them With)!

You may have noticed that wine-colored lips are having a moment. As in, every girl we know is wearing them right now. And, because we love beauty as much as we do wine, Julie thought we’d pair our favorite wine lip colors with the wines they inspire so you can pair your lip with a sip.

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How to Pull Off Glitter Makeup à la Dries Van Noten

When you’re a little girl, glitter is a total staple in your daily playtime beauty regimen. But when you’re a grown-up, and you have to apply that sparkle a little more strategically, it can be tricky enough to make you go, “Eh, forget it,” and stick with your classic shimmery blush or shadow.

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The Beauty Of Flight

When it comes to air travel, Julie is dialed in: she’s got apps that forecast turbulence, clothes that are comfy chic, and her secret stash of in-flight beauty supplies. It took some strong-arming and a few Bee’s Knees cocktails, but we finally got her to ‘fess up to her routine.

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