Avoid a wardrobe malfunction!

This is me getting ready for a holiday party, with my friend Julie Clevering, who happens to be an amazing makeup artist. I rarely get to see her because she’s been traveling the world on location with Giada De Laurentiis (the food diva with amazing makeup, thanks to Julie). Julie did my hair and makeup for a business event. After I got dressed and she gave me a once-over, we noticed my bra strap hanging out. So she pulled out Hollywood Fashion Tape and stuck it to my dress so it wouldn’t budge. It worked! In a pinch, double-sided Scotch tape also does the trick.

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Self-tanning in fall? reader K Pfeifer recently posted a Q on my blog: “Do you have any advice on self-tanning? I tend to get splotchy. Also, I’d love to hear your picks on face tanners.” To lighten the results you get from any tanner, first apply a coat of moisturizer. Or just go with a tanning-moisturizer combo like Jergens, which I use once a week; it’s plenty for me this time of year. My favorite self-tanner is Bobbi Brown All Over Bronzing Gel SPF 15. As for beating splotchiness, celeb spray-tan expert Julie Clevering has a secret weapon: a pineapple exfoliator from Ventura Tan. She made me use this stuff prior to a recent tanning session; it gets rid of dead cells that can attract too much color.

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Black eyes: Sexy!

I Don’t-ed the dark eye look for work, but it’s hot for night—with inspiration coming from celebs male and female! A makeup pro I adore, Julie Clevering, swears by Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Liner in Black Ink because, as she says, “it gives you the wet look but it absolutely won’t drip if you find yourself in a sweaty situation.” Apply it with an ultrafine brush all around your eyes or even with a Q-tip; pull the cotton off so there’s a mini point, a trick I learned from makeup artist Mally Roncal—just don’t poke your eye out!

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